Eurogenes Auctions



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Lot 2. Schönhof's Atwood Delicia
     * Successful show heifer at Swiss Expo & International Dairy Show Verona

Lot 3. SH Gold Chip Heaven
     * Gold Chip x 9 generations straight EXCELLENT'S full of All-American & big show winners!

Lot 7. Batwouwe Ashly Jedi
    * TYPE and INDEX combined! JEDI from the ASHLYN cow family!!

Lot 9. NRP Alisha 1  
   * #1 GTPI Silvercap Selfie in Europe. The Aiko / Apple cow family

Lot 10. DG Vekis Lilah
    * Eldorado dtr from the great transmitting Silver Lilly!

Lot 13. DG DKR Brista
   * #1 Mr. Candid in Europa - going back on Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95

Lot 14. DG R Lyz
   * Blowtorch x Tango x Meridian x Snowman x Bertaiola Bolton Lidia > full sister to MINCIO!

Lot 16. DG Vekis M Diede
   * Sniper x Montross x Numero Uno x Planet x Oman x Markwell Durham Daisy EX-92-USA

Lot 17. HS DG Mary-Louisianne
    * Outlast x Commander x Aija Supersire Makea VG-86-CAN 4yr. 

Lot 18. HS DG Laia
   * Gymnast x Supershot x Fanatic x Ven Dairy Lidia 4 - Bertaiola Mincio cow family- High RZG heifer

Lot 20. Rhala Re Rumpa Red P
    *  RED & POLLED heifer with incredible compents in her index: +0.23% FAT / +0.10% PROTEIN 

Lot 21. JK DG Esmeralda 7
    *  BEEMER x VG-89 MAX scored Doorman (National Show winner) x Carf Emeraude EX-91 (National Show winner)

Lot 22. Not Lost Fitz Leila
   * FITZ from the Idee Lustre cow family

Lot 23. DG Elisanne
    * FLAGSHIP from the full sister to ELDORADO!

Lot 26. DG Sereno
   * PTAT +2.42 Exactly x Kingboy x Supersire x VG-88 x Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn EX-90-USA