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Eurogenes Online TAG + HEIFER Sale | November 24 - December 2

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Event    Autumn Online Heifer Sale
Date     Thursday, 24th of November until Friday, December 2nd (20:00 hr / 08:00 PM Dutch Time)

Sale method
TAG+ sale method. Sale by higher offer / upgoing bids, with a buy now price.
Buyers has the option to buy the lot any moment for the buy now price.
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EXAMPLES of heifers selling
   * RED CARRIER Muscadet sister to SALVATORE RC (#2 RC sire)
   * RED CARRIER Denver from the Apple family, ready to flush!
   * GTPI +2573 / PTAT +2.80 Powerball x Top 5 GTPI cow Tango Hula
   * Denver from 8 generations EXCELLENT from the Apple's
   * >2500 GTPI Detour x Mogul x sister to Barbara EX-95
   * Red Carrier sister to Sniper! GTPI +2622, #5 gNVI bull (+355)
   * Maternal sister to Cogent SUPERSHOT
   * Early Jedi x Supershot with PTAT +2.29 / DGV Conf. +13 (+15 udders)
   * PTAT +2.85 Jedi with +57 Protein!

Lot 18. Vekis Chrome (PTAT +2.85) Jedi with +57 Protein!

PICTURES sale heifers
> More pictures will be added to the site in the upcoming days
> Pictures are available on request, send an email to

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