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Eurogenes Online Christmas HEIFER Sale | December 23 - 30

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Event    CHRISTMAS Online Heifer Sale
Date      Friday, 23. December until Friday, 30. December (20:00 hr / 08:00 PM Dutch Time)

Sale method
TAG+ sale method. Sale by higher offer / upgoing bids, with a buy now price.
Buyers has the option to buy the lot any moment for the buy now price.
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EXAMPLES of heifers selling
   * Top 10 PTAT calf Europe!! Byway from the Roxy's!
   * GTPI +2711 Jedi x Capital Gain from the American Charm cow family
   * RED CARRIER sister to the #2 GTPI RC sire Salvatore *RC (GTPI +2700)
   * GTPI +2657 Utah from the Rudy Missy's
   * Mascalese from the family of the legendary SHOTTLE
   * The #2 GTPI Chavelier dtr in Europe x Markwell Durham Daisy's
   * RED & POLLED heifer with gNVI +277!
   * GTPI +2653 / PTAT +3.14 heifer from the Ralma Juror Faith's

PICTURES sale heifers
> More pictures will be added to the site in the upcoming days
> Pictures are available on request, send an email to

We take care of the export of your heifer until the final destination. Click here for more info. 

Pictures sale heifers - More pictures will follow until the end of the sale or are available through 

Lot 1. Hul-Stein Bygold @ 2,5 months old - Click here
Top 10 PTAT calf in Europe - Byway x Roxy family

Lot 2. Dock Jedi Lucy @ 3 months old - Click here
GTPI +2711 Jedi x Capital Gain x American cow family

Lot 4. DG DH Drouner Maylinn - Click here
GTPI +2657 Utah x Balisto x Snowman x Rudy Missy's

Lot 5. DG DH Drouner Madalyn  -  Click here
#2 RZG Utah daughter World Wide / #2 GTPI Utah in Europe! (12/16)

Lot 7. Vekis DG Macarea  -  Click here
+1946M / +0.03%F / +0.02%P / +80F / +64P / SCS 2.72 / DPR +1 / PL +5

Lot 8. Vekis DG NH Lianne-Red *P @ 6 months old - Click here
RED & POLLED heifer with gNVI +277!!

Lot 9. DG Bailey  -  Click here
132 RZE / 133 udders MISSOURI x SMURF x Spottie family

Lot 10. Hul-Stein Jetty  -  Click here
GTPI +2654 / PTAT +3.14 heifer!!! 

Lot 11. Hul-Stein Jeco 3  @ 2,5 months old   -   Click here 
Great type and total index combination

Lot 12. Zandenburg Battle Ebony 3  -  
Click here
>300 gNVI from the Ebony cow family

Lot 13. DG EX Rhala Jade   -   Click here
RZG 155 with 142 RZM and ready to flush

Lot 14. De Volmer Sage  -   Click here
Jedi x Kingboy! Full sister of the #1 GTPI heifer in Europe @ 2900 GTPI

Lot 15. Hul-Stein Crown Tour - Click here
Detour x Platinum x Stantons CAMEO cow family

Lot 16. Veneriete Board Malon 6  -   Click here
Early Board with 153 RZG with +0.14% PROTEIN!! Prudence EX-95 cow family

Lot 17. OH DG Gun of Fun 3 *RC   -   Click here
RED CARRIER GUN x SYMPATICO x Splendor cow family

Lot 18. Vekis DG Latina - Click here
Monterey x Tango x Meridian x Snowman x Bolton x Boss Iron x Mtoto

Lot 19. DG DH Rosemay *P  -  Click here
POLLED Rubicon from the Diepenhoek Rozelle's

Lot 20. JK DG Silly 3   -   Click here 
OUTCROSS Chevalier x Tango going back on Morningview Converse Judy EX-93

Lot 21. DG DV Rosaire   -   Click here
Kingboy sister to SUPERSHOT!!!

Lot 22. Vekis DG Deloria  -   Click here
>2600 GTPI / PTAT +2.33 Superstar x Montross x Markwell Durham Daisy's

Lot 25. DG Beatrice  -  Click here
156 RZG with high production: RZM 145!! From the Spottie's!